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Poltavskiy Aleksandr Vasil'evich doctor of technical sciences, leading researcher, Institute of management problems of Russian Academy of Sciences named after V. A. Trapeznikov (117997, 65 Profsoyuznaya street, Moscow, Russia),
Zhumabaeva Asel' Sagnaevna, senior lecturer, sub-department of space engineering and technology, Eurasian National University named after L. N. Gumilyov (010000, 2 Satpaev street, Astana, Kazahstan),
Yurkov Nikolay Kondrat'evich, doctor of technical sciences, professor, head of sub-department of radio equipment design and production, Penza State University (440026, 40 Krasnaya street, Penza, Russia),

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It is shown that the managerial decisionmaking in the development and assessment of the main indicators of the quality and efficiency of new models and objects STS is a complex iterative creative process, in which IIUS structure can be modified on the basis of new ideas, alternatives, ie, based on a change of logic design. the concept of the development of modern automated IIUS for management decision-making decision-makers should take into account the above considerations in projects created models and links ITS objects based on their substitution of "performance" at all stages of their life cycle. The proposed approach is possible in the construction and identification of expert systems as well as project management of monitoring information systems. The estimation of the current trend of overreliance on the results of mathematical modeling to the detriment of the traditions of add-on design approach. An approach to the design of modern IIUS through the application of mathematical models for the preparation of the optimal solution on the criterion of the extremum of the objective function with a further validation check solutions using quantification preferences. We present schematization stages criterion substitution automated IIUS. The proposed approach is possible in the construction and identification of expert systems as well as project management of monitoring information systems.

Key words

a complex technical system, informationmeasuring system, optimization criteria, modeling

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